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Game Day!

It's game day here in Seattle! Tonight is our Breast Health Awareness game so we're rocking our pink uniforms. After the game, every uniform is auctioned off in a silent auction to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Let's Go!! #TogetherWeRise

March Madness

Hey hey y'all!! 
What a whirlwind these last two weeks have been!! There have been so many moments I wanted to post and share on my social media accounts, but couldn't! I made sure to delete all the apps from my phone & iPad so I wouldn't be tempted to sneak on haha. I knew I spent a lot of time browsing on the Big 3 (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook haha) but I wasn't aware of how much!! I noticed I grabbed my phone ANY time there was a spare moment in between what I was doing. Now that I haven't been on any social media I've become more productive & I've gotten more sleep! As crazy as it sounds I would really grab my phone to browse in between cleaning the living room & kitchen, on commercials, laying down at night or when I was on the phone (yeahhhh sorry lol). Now I find myself calling or texting friends and family more, getting my work done a lot faster, going to sleep earlier and finding ways to occupy all this extra time I have now! 

On to the fun stuff! So, we finished the regular season 1st in Conference USA which was a big accomplishment since this was our first year in the conference. My girls went out there and just got it done! Two of our players got player of the year honors; Ebony Rowe got Player of the Year and Olivia Jones got Freshman of the Year! I am SO happy for them!! They've worked so hard and it's great to see them recognized for their efforts! Then, we went down to El Paso for the conference tournament and left CHAMPIONS! For three days straight, they went out there and played tougher than every team. Our girls never quit and they stayed together!! When the confetti fell I couldn't help but feel happy for them because I know how hard they've worked & how much confidence we all had that this is where we'd end up! It's a great feeling to get my first ring as a coach! 

Tonight was the Selection Show and we gathered on campus with our band, cheerleaders & fans to see where we'd be going for the NCAA tournament. We drew the #8 seed taking on the #9 seed Oregon State....IN SEATTLE! I'm torn because I wish we were playing closer so all our fans can be at the game, but I'm excited because we're going to Seattle!! I love getting to tell my girls how amazing our Storm Crazies are, so I'm excited they'll get to experience that :-) I'm hoping it'll feel like a home game for them! So #StormCrazies let's make it happen!! COME OUT TO ALASKA AIRLINES ARENA ON UW'S CAMPUS SUNDAY MARCH 23RD AT 5PM PST!! I'd LOVE to see & hear ya'll in the stands :-) Be sure to check the Storm twitter (@SeattleStorm), our twitter (@MT_WBB),, or for ticket information. 

Well, that's it for now!! Hope you enjoy the pictures! 

Until next time,